Day #1: Phulbari Dara


Whoever you meet today in Kathmandu will tell you a similar story. A story of a loss. Of a lost house, of a lost relative or of a lost good friend. Unfortunately you are not Superman and it’s not in your power to help everyone. So you have to concentrate on the closest people you know: our Lama brother, his family and other afflicted people from his community.

Because the road to his village is still not cleared, Lama brother decided to give the first helping hand to his relatives from the other side of the city: the family of his eldest daughter Joshana Lama and the families of his two sisters, Ram Kumari Lama and Cheena Lama, who live in Phulbari Dara, a quiet settlement on a hill, east of Kathmandu.

Early morning we created a list with all the necessary goods and then we went shopping. Two hours later, tarpaulin sheets for tents, blankets, then rice, dal (lentil), oil and masala mixture (the basic ingredients for dal bhat, the Nepali regular meal) filled up the small old truck of Phurba, a family close friend. It took us a while to find all these, because many shops are still closed or short in supplies. And it took us two more hours to reach Phulbari Dara.

The tents go to those whose houses collapsed, Lama brother explained to me. But also to those whose houses are severely damaged, cracked, now very unsafe to live in. And, generally, people prefer to stay outside, because they are too much afraid of another big earthcube, he added. Earthquake, I corrected him the thousandth time. Yes, yes, earthquick, brother Sega. They are too much afraid of another big earthquick. And way too scared of the so many aftershocks. We’re still trembling, our mind is still dizzy. It will take time to recover, may be more than 20 years, he sighed.

Today, with your kind help, Joshana Lama, Ram Kumari Lama and China Lama made a small step towards recovery.

A 5 degree magnitude aftershock hit Palbari Dhara around 3 pm. It was a very short one. At least shorter than the one experienced last night in Thamel, in my room at Imperial Guesthouse.

Lama brother village tomorrow. If that big earthquick won’t strike again…