Friendship & Hardship


True friendship proves only during the times of hardship.

Today, I handed our Lama brother from your behalf the second instalment, the equivalent in Nepali rupees of 4.200 USD. 12 x 35.000 NRP, taken from several ATM machines placed in Thamel, obviously the most direct way to get your help delivered.

When I told him that 90 (!) friends from all over the world contributed and when he saw all this proof of love right in front of him, he cried.

I wanted to snap a picture in order to show it to you (yeah, I’m a cold blooded ex-adman), but he recollected himself in a second, putting on his face the fresh clean natural crazy dorje lovely famous smile.

Up to this moment, our brother Lama received from your behalf almost 8.000 USD, more than I ever dreamed it would be possible to collect in such a short amount of time. With this money he is able to help his family and many others from his village; he has a long list of people in need…

Yes, true friendship proves only during the times of hardship. And not only you proved it in such a heart touching way, but also my bank.

This is not advertising.

ING didn’t pay me to say what I’m going to say. And I have to say it, although I assume you might think this is a smart PR move.

It might be difficult to convince you that corporations are made out of people like me and you. People who resonate. People who listen. People who care. I called them 3 days ago to tell them about the situation in Nepal (they knew about that, like the rest of the world) and about our attempt to help one family, one village (they didn’t know about that); the proof of your love was there, in the records of my account, „HELP NEPAL” next to your donation.

Based on that, I asked:

Considering our cause, are you kind to cancel the commission for every transaction I do implying ATM machines in Kathmandu?… That 3% commission + 10 RON / transaction… All this saved money will go to donation, I concluded waiting for their decision.

And their decision came today. Yes, I was told, we studied your case, we trust you and we will definitely return into your account the amount commissioned for those transactions you made and will make in Nepal… I didn’t know what to say for a short while. It was way too unexpected. Producing official documents, bills, papers, signatures, that was what I expected… Your request was analysed and approved, no need to produce anything. We trust you and appreciate what you do. Please keep continue to give love give happy to your friends in Nepal, they said.

GivING love, givING happy. Possible. Why not?