Our Support Group Is Growing!


I managed to connect with brother Lama yesterday in the evening and told him how many showed their love and support. He is a talkative guy, you know, but now he couldn’t speak for a while, choked by tears. I cried too and told him to hang on. By tomorrow, we will move from Chitwan to Kathmandu and as soon as we will reach the city we will try to go to his place, assess the damages and hand him your support.

The situation is slowly normalising in Kathmandu, where is “not so very bad”, as Achyut, our hero driver told us.

So… Hope to see you tomorrow, dear brother Lama! Now you know how many care about you, your family and your village.

We are deeply touched and so much grateful to:

Radu Simona Elena
Pelea Iudita
Roua Dragos- Florin
Smith Mihaela Carmina
Matis Ciprian – Horatiu (Balena)
Borbely Anca
Daniela Giurgiu
Andreea Badran
Cristina – Lavinia Mosneag
Ionutiu Oana Maria
Carmen Albu
Pojar – Fenesan Maria
Dana Ludu
Schitcu Simona Carmen
Ioana Andreea Szatmari
Silvia Aragea
Adriana Visan
Antonela – Cristina Lungu
Coman Mihaela Dorina
Farcas Vasile Florian
Clesiu Maria Valeria
Ghertner Anemarie
Ana Maria Burloi
Marius Muntean
Cosmin Serban
Andreea Boitan
Oana Leu
Adina Borta
Hamed Al Salamat

With their great contribution, we collected almost 1.500 USD, in only 2 days since we started this campaign.

Let’s don’t stop here.

You too can make a difference. Prayers and good thoughts are ok, but a small contribution would be so much better.

So please give. Give love, give happy, give money. Possible. Why not?

Our support group is growing. We are more than 150 right now. Thank you all.