You can see people sleeping on the street in every town. I’m so tired. I tried to sleep, but not possible. The roads are bad. The way took 4 hours with 3 stops. No incident.

This is a message from Jelly, our friend who had to leave Chitwan for Kathmandu early this morning to catch his flight back to the States. He arrived there safely. Last conversation was from the airport: everything back to normal there, he said.

Moving from here to Kathmandu tomorrow morning as well, with the rest of our group. Hope we’ll be fine.

Soon I’ll meet our brother Lama. I talked to him and he said the smell in the air is very bad now… I fear deseases will follow, but I hope not… We’ll see tomorrow…

Please keep giving your love, your support. I’ll folow this message later this evening with an updated fund report.